Tuesday, November 4, 2014

First Hill intervals - learning as I go

Today I did Hill intervals on the Wattbike. An acquaintance posted the article link of "Make hills your friend & improve your cycling fitness dramatically" yesterday on his Facebook.

I read the article and realised that I never really do any hills when I cycle, not even on the road. I always plan my routes according to the flat areas and this is not doing my cycling any good.

Today was the first time ever I really did hill training while standing. Yes, I do peddle standing up when on the trails to conquer steep inclines but today I did hill intervals of about 15-20 seconds standing. IT WAS FREAKIN HARD!

The first thing I noticed was how my heart rate climbed to 160-165. I then felt how my quads, hamstrings and calves were screaming "tired" or "stop!" They were working hard to peddle and keep me upright. The last thing I noticed how out of breathe I was. One time I had to stop peddle altogether to catch my breathe.

I am learning as I go with the cycling. Still very new in all of this. As I type this my legs and glutes are TIRED and I know I am going to be so stiff tomorrow but the training will be all worth it.