Friday, September 26, 2014

What I learned about MTB today from Coach Will

Today I learned something new regarding cycling races.

My Coach and I almost always talk about cycling in my training sessions at the gym. A bit of background about him. He have been riding for a few years now and at the moment he do MTB races which consist of distances of 70km and more. 

Today he told me that he entered a race for next weekend because the climbing was 800m which was not that bad. I told him: "Oh, so that's what you are looking at when you enter races?" He said that when he sees races above 1000m he knows that those will take him more than 4 hours to complete but under 800m will take him between 2-3:30 hours to complete. "Not so bad," he said.

It was really interesting in hearing what he takes into consideration upon deciding what race to enter. For me I look at the distance of the race and not the climb. I look at where it's held as well but never considered looking at the climb of the race.

My Coach is very competitive. It's very interesting hearing how he trains as I take notes and try to apply it to my training. He told me what to do on the Wattbikes in the gym as well, which I am grateful for.

It's interesting to also see how my Coach differs to me regarding cycling. How he trains, how he enter races, etc. For me, cycling is about fun. I'm in it for how good it is for my soul, not to really better my times but rather my distance as I would not mind to build enough endurance in order to do stage races. 

Love learning more about cycling each day, thankful for those sharing their knowledge with me. 

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