Saturday, September 27, 2014

My progression on the trails

A few months back I was still very much cautious when out on the trails with my MTB. 

I took it slow around corners, almost stopping dead before taking the turns. Not peddling fast enough to go over steep obstacles which resulted in the bike either going backwards or me falling over sideways. I've also tried to avoid rock gardens as much as possible after I've cut open my leg badly when I rode over a rock garden and lost control of my bike. Riding around holes and not attempting to jump them.

Yesterday I had a very short trail run at local MTB trails. I went to spent time with my parents there but also to rather practice skills than distance.  

The trails yesterday was very technical due to a lot of rocks everywhere on the single tracks. There was a lot of holes as well and very uneven ground area rather than smooth trails than previously.

I decided to tackle the trails with a different attitude. Yesterday I bunny hopped, took the corners with speed while leaning into the corners. Was very chuffed when I mastered the corners smoothly every time without going over the edge on the corner into the bushes :) I've also peddled faster to overcome the steep obstacles smoothly without rolling backwards or falling sideways. 

I have however made one or two errors in letting my peddle get caught over small incline obstacles, which almost resulted in my falling off the bike. I do try to concentrate each time to keep the peddles centered but sometimes forget. Need to work on this a bit more.

I am happy with what I have achieved with yesterday's short trail run with my bike. Here's to next time!

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