Sunday, September 7, 2014

Cycling is such an accepting sport

After my ride today it came to me how cycling have opened a whole new world to me. 

It is as if I was accepted more easily by others, than when I was bodybuilding. 

I was accepted into a non profit organisation cycling team this past weekend to ride for the MTB Momentum 94.7 challenge on 8 November 2014.

I was accepted into an awesome online Cycling community on Facebook. 

I have something in common with more people in my fitness world than when I was bodybuilding.

We all just want to be accepted and for me which came from being 124kg 4 years back,  I want to feel part of this incredible exhilarating fitness world and the cycling world give me that.

In bodybuilding I struggled to find people who would speak to me regarding diets, the strong mindset you need and how to get through it all.

In the cycling world everyone is open about training, nutrition, races, having get together rides, etc. I love it.

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