Thursday, August 14, 2014

Cycling, an instant gratification sport

I think this is why I like cycling, because it is an instant gratification I get when I hit a set goal I've set out for myself.

Today I've set out a 20km goal. I did not want to stop until I've hit this mark. I did it. I've hit my mark. It was instant gratification on the spot.

This past weekend we've visited new MTB trails and although we had to stop after 4km due to hubby hurting his wrist,  the 4km I did was still great.  A new piece of trail done and it felt great. Instant gratification.

Or when I get to climb an incline or hill which I previously did and it's easier, due to my legs getting stronger.  Boom! Instant gratification!

I like sports where I get instant gratification.  Tennis is like this as well.  I just love it.