Thursday, July 3, 2014

Cyclists greeting each other

Today I was back in the saddle after 2 weeks of no riding.

My goal for today's ride was just to have a chilled ride and take in surroundings. I want to take photos along the way to show you guys/gals but I think about my own safety instead. Stopping along the way to take photos is not a good idea.

I love the fact that when you pass a rider, MTB or roadie rider, they all greet you. They are such friendly people. Even SOME of the pedestrians will make an effort to greet you. I love how we all show love and compassion for each other like this.

Cycling is a whole different world from running. I've never really came across a runner/s who greet you when you pass them. Not like in cycling. Even when I go trail cycling, the cyclists greet each other.

I do enjoy trails more than road cycling. With trails you are in nature where no motor vehicles are. There's no noise of the city. It's quiet. With trails there's obstacles as well which is so much fun. The road is one long pathway with no obstacles. Can get boring at some stages. I know there are riders which ride road to get to trails, ride the trails and then ride road back home. But I can't. I don't have a cycling buddy. I have to stay on the roads where many people can see me if something happens.

Strange thing today: With being just chilled about my ride instead of seeing how fast I could cycle, I cycled 15km/ph which is way faster than normal. Seems I need to relax and enjoy riding to result in better results :)

What I saw today:

- Beautiful wooden crafted sculptures in front of someone's gate entrance;
- A man made out of tins in front of a motor vehicle repair shop;
- Heard lovely birds sing;
- Nature reserve which was very dry but that's normal this time of year (Winter);

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