Sunday, June 8, 2014

My MTB plan of action

I went to the trails again on the weekend. Many cyclists tell me that I should ride longer periods over weekends when one have more time but that's not my case.

In the week I have more time to ride. At this moment I can only manage an hour due to lower back pain and pain in the region of T8/9. Over weekends I have my husband which tags along which is great. In other words we spent time together on the bikes. It's more trails over the weekend where we two can practice our skills together rather than endurance as I am more fit than he is and he can't keep up on my endurance ride practices in the week.

So we came up with a plan.

In the week we will be built our fitness on the road by ourselves, due to me being more fit than hubby. On a Saturday he will do the 6km trail where I am going to start this coming Saturday with the 12km route. On Sundays me and hubby will both be doing the 6km together as a couple for the fun of it. To spent time together on the trails.

I think this is a brilliant plan. Saturdays we ride the distances we want and Sundays we spent it together. Afterwards we will go to my parents and drink a coffee with them on a Sunday afternoon. Our weekly check in :)

Yesterday I struggled because my pedals kept getting caught on some obstacles, rocks and roots along the way. I need to learn to keep the pedals in neutral position because I almost fell down when the pedals got caught. I've also conquered the running hill from where I fell over to the side due to not having enough momentum. That was a big accomplishment :)

Here's two photos I took along the way yesterday. Being a photographer as well, I can't resist the urge to stop and take some photos as well.

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