Saturday, June 14, 2014

An Intermediate experience

On Saturday afternoon, I decided to tackle the Intermediate trails which is 21km. I didn't know what I was letting myself into though and I was in for a big surprise as well.

Entering the course, my first obstacle was a very steep bridge with a very steep decline at the other side as well. I knew I had to tackle it with lots of speed and power powering the pedals. I did that standing. This is a picture which illustrate what I had to overcome.

The trail then lead through a deep single track ditch where no rider can pass each other running along the river. It lead up with a steep incline and then the next obstacle came. A steep decline with lots of rocks. I knew I would need to use my brakes constantly to climb down this decline while maneuvering the bikes tires through the rocks that stick out of the ground. Managed to successfully do that with VEE brakes. Yes, I don't have disk brakes. 

After this decline, there was another single track running along the side of the river. Here you needed to hold your bike steadily because losing control of your bike will result in you flying over the edge into river on the right hand side. 

The course continued with obstacles, inclines, declines and single tracks like these. After 7km my legs were tired and screaming for a break. So I decided to take the beginners trail back to the starting point. The beginner trails have very short (1m) sections which is rocky. Nothing to serious but with one of these combined with my very tired legs, I fell. The rocks made a deep hole in my shin. I could see the shin bone when I poured water on the would in field. It took me 10 minutes to stop the bleeding which profusely ran down my leg.

With the fall, my bikes handle bar cracked and the peddle bend. Need to see whether we can bend it back or buy a new one.  

It's Sunday morning and I still need to open the wound and see what's up with it. When this wound feels better, you'll find me on the trails again :)


  1. Noooo!!! I thought maybe you pulled a booty muscle or something. Me no likey to see you all banged up like this. Wishing you a speedy healing. xo

  2. I feel awful for you!!! I hurt just reading about it. And the pictures are worth a thousand words!! Please! No more pictures! ;)